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    Hammond Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

    A side-impact collision is where both vehicles collide side-by-side, and a T-bone car wreck is typically where someone is leaving from a controlled intersection, whether by a traffic signal or a stop sign. The favored driver with the green light will often strike the side of the other vehicle with the head or front of their vehicle. Most accidents occur when there is a distracted driver who is not paying attention to the roadway. At-fault drivers may have run a stop sign or other traffic signals. Individuals involved could sustain significant injuries and damage due to a side-impact collision.

    If you or a loved one were injured in a T-Bone crash due to the negligent actions of another, speak to a diligent Hammond side-impact collision lawyer to learn about your legal options. A knowledgeable car accident attorney can investigate your case and help prove negligence in court.

    Steps to Following a Side-Impact Collision

    The first thing a person should do after being involved in any type of car accident is to make a determination whether they are injured or not and, if so, get medical treatment either with first responders or be transported to a local emergency room. If they are not in a situation where they are being transferred away from the scene due to their injuries, photographs with a smartphone will preserve the position of the vehicles when they came to rest and the impact damage on all vehicles involved.

    The person involved in the collision should provide the investigating officer with vehicle registration and documentation of insurance. In addition, they should contact their insurance carrier and advise that they were in a motor vehicle crash. The individual should also contact an experienced Hammond side-impact collision attorney.

    Common Injuries In a T-Bone Car Crash

    Side-impact collisions can lead to severe injuries and long-lasting issues for those involved. A person that was struck in a T-bone collision on the driver’s side of the vehicle may suffer:

    A dedicated Hammond T-bone car accident attorney can use an individual’s medical records to help an injured claimant recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

    Side-Impact Collision Damages

    Injured victims in a car wreck can typically recover economic and non-economic damages. A person involved in a side-impact collect may recover:

    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Mental pain and anguish
    • Past medical expenses
    • Future medical expenses
    • Past lost wages
    • Future lost wages
    • Loss of earning capacity
    • Disability, if there are any permanent injuries
    • Loss of enjoyment of life if the injury affects what someone loves to do
    • Loss of consortium if they were married

    How a Hammond Side-Impact Collision Attorney Can Help

    The most important thing that an attorney can do for someone who has been injured as a result of a side-impact collision is to investigate the facts of the collision and lock the facts in. Proving liability or fault of the other party is paramount.

    A Hammond side-impact collision lawyer can gather evidence such as crash scene evidence, black box data, 911 recordings, as well as video and photographs. They can obtain emergency room records, medical bills, lost wage documentation, and assist in the ongoing medical treatment of a victim’s injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation to get started on your case.